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Big Noses Are Sexy
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And I have a new blog! I will give general advice about whatever there.
About: This blog is to appreciate big/unique noses! Whether you have a big nose or just plain love them, you have found the right place! Enjoy!
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FAQ-My Story :)

All of your noses are beautiful.

Some of you have very large noses and some of you have super bumpy noses. Some of you don’t have as big of noses as some and some of you don’t have as bumpy of noses. All of your noses are beautiful. In their own way, they are beautiful. Don’t be so critical of each others noses. A lot of you guys have different noses from each other. We are all different and we are all beautiful. Instead of looking at those with a different nose of yours and thinking critically of them or critically of yourself for not having a similar nose, just appreciate that person for who they are and appreciate yourself for who you are. Relate to those who have a super similar nose to your own or who just have a similar story to your own. We are all just one big happy nose family and I want you all to accept each other as I accept all of you. If you see no one on here with a similar nose to yours, then submit a picture of it! That’s how you will start to find those with similar noses. Don’t just sit back and think negative thoughts about those who are different. I know a lot of people have been doing that to you in your life, but that has to change when you are here. You are all special and unique and beautiful people and we all just need to love each other. I will hear no more of this hate and judgement on each other or on yourselves because of each other. 

I am just trying to help everyone who is insecure about their nose, regardless on the nose’s exact dimensions of bigness. No two noses are exactly the same. There is bound to be someone on this blog with a different nose than yours, but that doesn’t mean your nose is inferior. People will send me their picture with their story or in need of some help and some of you will be able to relate and some not so much. You are all different on what you relate to and all have a different story. Thus, it is important to have variety in the noses and people that are posted. Someone with a smaller or bigger nose than yours could have gone through very similar trauma as yourself because of their nose. The slight difference in nose size is completely irrelevant. Everyone is so much more than their appearance, but many of you fail to realize this. And when this starts to effect how you all view each other on this blog, well I wont stand for that. This blog is not about discrimination and I will not be discriminating anyone for the size of their nose, sort of big or REALLY big you are all lovely people. You are your own person and you need to embrace that in yourself as well as in others. 

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