Big Noses Are Sexy
Big Noses Are Sexy
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And I have a new blog! I will give general advice about whatever there.
About: This blog is to appreciate big/unique noses! Whether you have a big nose or just plain love them, you have found the right place! Enjoy!
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Anonymous asked: thank you for this blog... honeslty. i've always felt insecure and people have obviously called names but this blog makes me feel beautiful <3 thank you! you're a wonderful person! have fun in europe!!

Aww that’s great!! I’m so glad to hear it! :) Keep feeling beautiful! And thank you, I definitely do plan to have fun :D

Anonymous asked: Where was this when I was going to high school!? So many people with beautiful noses! I always felt like the only one with a (different) nose, and I felt super self conscious. I thought I would save up and change it but then I realized God does not make mistakes. So I learned to embrace my nose over the years, and it's been working, slowly but surely. I hate pictures of my side, but I might post one later. I'd love to see more beautiful noses :) They are quite motivating and lovely

Changing your nose isn’t going to make you anymore normal because we are all different no matter what! It’s good to love your differences no matter how uncomfortable you might feel sometimes. You just have to remind yourself that it’s not as bad as you think and that you can easily survive the world with a big nose. You may have to suffer a few mean comments here and there, but you will make it through being as happy as can be and satisfied with life and awesome experiences and people. When you think about it, there is a lot to life other than appearances! And there is always going to be those people that just think you are the attractive person to walk in front of them all day. And there will definitely be more beautiful noses posted! No short supply of them.

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say i was feeling a little down on myself, and came here and after reading everything feel great! thank you

Good!!! I am so glad to hear it! Whenever you feel down about yourself try and save yourself from wallowing in the negativity. Whatever you can do to lift your spirits, do it! You will sleep a lot more sound at night :)

rosalitah-deactivated20140426 asked: Heyhey:) just wanted to say that I'v been scrolling down your blog for ages and seeing how positive you are and kind towards everyone who's not comfortable with themselves has given me the biggest change in my view. I've got a large nose myself that I've hated for the longest time, but the way you say that all these noses are beautiful and that people should love them, made me reconsider everything I've thought about myself. Thankyou for being so positive about all this, it's helped. xox:)

Ohh yeah!! It makes me very happy to hear that just sitting on my butt, typing out the truth to people can make you feel so much better yourself! Really shows that anyone can change lives through very simple means. Thanks for the message and keep thinking those beautiful thoughts! <3

Anonymous asked: You are so kind for running this blog for helping others. I am just sending you this message so that you know that all of your time and effort is appreciated, and so so helpful. I am not just saying this- but I never though that people as kind as you truly existed. have a nice day. have a nice life.

You are so kind for saying this! Thank you so very much and I’ll be having a great day after reading this message! :D

Anonymous asked: When will submissions be open again?? I just found this blog, and I love it <3

Hopefully soon! I am trying to get caught up. The number of submissions I have right now can only go down, so yeah :) My goal would be to have submissions open by mid May… But for that to happen I have to do some serious work which I haven’t been doing. I think for the time being I am not going out of town anytime soon, so I’ll be right here on the computer frying my eyes with the computer screen until I get everything sorted! Thank you for your patience though. It’s appreciated!! :)

I’m partly Italian, I guess that explains my nose! I still get insecure about it at times, but I’m learning to love it, and I must admit I’m more happy with myself than ever before. EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE! (*^_^*)
-Right on girl! Show off that Italian heritage with pride! It looks absolutely amazing on you ;D

I’m partly Italian, I guess that explains my nose! I still get insecure about it at times, but I’m learning to love it, and I must admit I’m more happy with myself than ever before. EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE! (*^_^*)

-Right on girl! Show off that Italian heritage with pride! It looks absolutely amazing on you ;D

Anonymous asked: I have a very big nose and I've always been self-conscious about it. When I met my boyfriend and got to know his friends that are girls they all had small cute noses and I felt like they were judging me so much. I was really upset until I got told that a couple of these girls think that I am really really pretty, and one of them even said I'm too good for him! Just because you have a negative opinion of the way you look doesn't mean everyone else thinks the same!

Everyone is beautiful if they work what they got! Everyone’s big nose is totally glamorous, you just have to see it that way! Big noses are awesome and there are no reasons why they shouldn’t be 

pickflick asked: do you really think that barbara's nose is big?

Barbara Streisand? Yes she has a lovely nose

Anonymous asked: okay...i am about to sound like a totally conceited brat, but i don't mean it that way at all! but i am an attractive person. i have always found myself to be really pretty and people have constantly told me how pretty i am and even that they are envious of me. so, i don't know why i still struggle with my nose so much! i know i am a good looking person, but i can't seem to accept my nose! i feel like it's just far too huge and crooked...

Hey no worries! I’m glad you think you’re pretty! And no matter how gorgeous we and others think we are, we all still have our insecurities. The most beautiful person in the world will hate something about themselves. That’s just the way it is. You just have to control your insecurities. It’s great that you do like yourself otherwise and that will help you feel better about your nose. When you have those moments of really hating your nose, you just have to remind yourself that hey, you are pretty. You are pretty even if you have a large nose. Your nose gives you character! It makes you not typically pretty but a unique kind of pretty that people wont find boring. Because sometimes you just see those people that are sooo typically beautiful and it’s just so boring. A big, crooked nose in the mix really adds something to your look. Make your nose work for you and treat it more as an asset than a flaw. If you got it, flaunt it! People will start to find you pretty BECAUSE of your nose. Work that nose like it’s the greatest thing anyone could have!

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